Markbass MB JP GOLD 4 GD PF
di Le Note delle Stelle
Condizioni strumento: Nuovo
Our amazing team put all their experience and market knowledge on this model design to concentrate into a single instrument all the most sought after features by a high percentage of bassists. It’s a real example of balance, simplicity and functionality, added to a nice design reminding something vintage but still leaving total expression to any bass player.
BODY: for this “P” style body we had to chose selected alder, one of the most used wood for vintage style basses thanks to its balanced tone, fast attack, controlled sustain and light weight. Its particular grain enhances the amazing GOLD finish.
NECK: hard maple, Vintage Yellow Glossy finish with flat cut. The C profile and reduced nut width in a pure vintage style make playing really comfortable and its two ways truss rod on the headstock let ultra precise adjustments even with really low action settings.
FINGERBOARD: Pau Ferro, 34" scale, 20 frets with vintage cream binding, bone nut and MOP block inlays.
Markbass Custom gold machine heads, F Style | 20:1 ratio, ultra light, precise and reliable.
Markbass Die cast gold bridge, lightweight, simple and functional in a perfect vintage style.
Single coil J style passive pickups custom designed on Markbass specs, perfectly matching Markbass electronic, 70’ style layout. Getting “J” style pickup and neck on a “P” style body is a dream for many players… a Golden dream became true!!!
We couldn’t choose a better electronic than the Markbass for this instrument. VOLUME/ VOLUME/TONE controls a definitely the best to manage the J/J pick up configuration and the TONE control (working also in the passive mode) lets the player move from Jaco or Motown style tones to more modern and open sounds. BASS/MIDDLE/HIGH controls on the active EQ section add a modern character to this vintage flavoured instrument, delivering a balanced and defined tone even using extreme settings.
COD. B107.889

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