Markbass Kimandu Green 5 BK Maple EX DEMO
di Le Note delle Stelle
Condizioni strumento: Ex demo
The actual hard thing while talking about this version is focusing the differences with the Hi-End one, having the Kimandu bass the same charm, same design and same product philosophy, keeping the same main features but using a production process letting us to offer it at an incredible price!
BODY: we’ve chosen a two pieces alder body, one of the most used wood thanks to its round and sparkling tonal characteristics, still keeping a standard weight. Body and matching headstock are Green painted, a color enhancing the design charm and that is also a trademark of the whole Ninja series.
NECK: Canadian maple with flat cut and two graphite bars to offer maximum stability, with a pretty comfortable profile and dual action truss rod adjustable on the headstock.
FRETBOARD: Maple, 34" scale, 24 ultra carefully refinished frets and black GraphTech nut.
On the Kimandu version we’ve chosen high quality custom machine heads, 20:1 ratio, ultra light, precise and reliable. We picked a high quality Custom bridge as well with zinc saddles wrenched on the bridge base to get the best sustain and sound transfer.

The Kimandu version soapbar pickups have been custom built on Markbass specs to perfectly match our electronic to get smooth bass, right focus on the mid range and bright and defined treble.
We also offer as optional the handmade ebony ramp perfectly matched with the pick ups profile.

The Kimandu bass features a Markbass custom electronic as well, simple, intuitive and effective even on extreme settings.
Controls are VOLUME/VOLUME/TONE (with an active/passive switch on Tone) letting an incredible pickups blending capability compared to a regular Blend control and with active BASS/MID/TREBLE… so you’re not gonna have resounding bass or blowing treble. The frequency values have been chosen to offer a wide range of tones

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